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Agile public relations and communications strategies to launch, grow, and build brands. Our combined clients have achieved over $10 billion in market valuation

- SaaS / Artificial Intelligence (Ai) / Emerging Technology
- Series A and above Startups / Scaleups
- Environment and Sustainability (ESG), Renewable Energy
- Gaming and Entertainment (Fantasy Sports, eGaming, Toys and Video Games, Sports, and Music)

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We believe in creating impactful results

We have extensive experience in crafting and executing customized public relations campaigns that complement your overall marketing strategy. Comprehensive and agile in our approach, we market your brand value to get you the media attention you deserve. Cast Influence is unique in that we also have a full service marketing arm, ensuring PR results that live well beyond when the ink dries.

Public Relations & Media

  • Media and Influencer Relations
  • Analyst Relations
  • Thought Leadership and Storytelling
  • Executive Profile Building
  • Media Training and Narrative Work
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Press Release Promotion
  • Award Submissions
  • Brand and Product Activations
  • Content Creation and Storytelling
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Strategic Marketing

  • CMO Services - Interim or consulting
  • Packaged marketing as a service
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Website design and development
  • Graphic design support
  • Digital advertising
  • Creative content marketing
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Public Relations


PR Strategy

It's not just about getting media coverage. It's about ensuring that all communication (both internal and external) aligns with the organization's goals, mission, and long-term vision. From announcing major funding, acquisitions, product launches, or a tailored event activation, Cast Influence has the experience in developing effective PR campaigns that achieve solid results.

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Storytelling and Content Creation

You have a story, it just needs to be told effectively to the right audiences. Cast Influence has a proven process for defining compelling narratives that grab media attention. The goal being to raise awareness amongst your key audiences of customers, investors, employees, and more.

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Media Relations

Media relations is much more than simply reaching out to reporters. Cast Influence will build a program customized to you that will cultivate long-term relationships with journalists, editors, bloggers, and other media professionals. The result is a continued cadence of coverage for your organization, its products, services, and initiatives.

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Executive Profile Building

As your organization grows, the need to enhance the visibility, reputation, and influence of your leaders becomes vital. When your executives gain momentum as thought leaders and influencers, it raises the visibility of the overall brand. This benefits the larger PR program and makes it much easier to achieve earned media over time.

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Brand and Product Activations

Brand activations span both public relations and marketing. With Cast Influence's experience in both areas, we deliver valuable insights, programming, and creative ways to interweave the two that will maximize your brand impact.

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Press Release Promotion

At Cast Influence, we recognize the staying power of a well-crafted press release. Amidst the digital age's noise and information deluge, press releases remain a vital tool to communicate key messages, establish authority, and foster media relationships. It gives your company and brand a source of truth while showing company momentum.

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Award Submissions

Standing out in a crowded marketplace requires more than just offering top-tier services or products. It demands recognition and strategic positioning. At Cast Influence, we specialize in enhancing your brand's profile and ensuring it gets the accolades it rightfully deserves.

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Media Training

Navigating the media landscape requires poise, clarity, and strategy. Whether you're an emerging start-up or an established brand, how you convey your message in interviews, press conferences, broadcast spots, and public appearances can make all the difference. Cast Influence equips you with the skills to shine under the media spotlight.

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Speaking Opportunities

One of the most important and effective ways to elevate your brand and establish authority in your industry is through speaking engagements. At Cast Influence, we specialize in identifying and securing valuable speaking opportunities. This allows our clients to share their expertise, engage with target audiences, and position themselves as thought leaders.

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Packaged Marketing Services

We understand that every business has unique needs. However, many share common challenges with their marketing and PR. To address this, we have meticulously crafted our Packaged Marketing Solutions, which are ready-to-deploy, holistic strategies designed to deliver consistent results while simplifying the decision-making process. We have found this to be an effective strategy where an experienced team can push you forward.

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CMO Strategy and Services

We recognize that not every business is equipped with a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to oversee and guide their marketing strategies. That's why we're introducing our CMO-as-a-Service, an innovative solution tailored for businesses seeking expert marketing leadership without the long-term commitment of hiring a full-time executive.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We know that a strong online presence is more than just having a website. It's about ensuring your brand is discoverable in the vast digital landscape. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stands at the forefront of this mission, and we're here to navigate its complexities on your behalf.

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Graphic Design Support

In a world dominated by visual content, presenting your brand with creativity, precision, and impact is paramount. We can help you transform your ideas into compelling graphics that resonate with audiences, amplify your message, and elevate your brand presence.

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Content Marketing

Content is more than just words on a page. It’s a powerful tool to connect, engage, and inspire your audience. Create accurate authentic narratives that align with your brand’s voice, resonate with your audience, and drive actionable results. Specializing in blogs, op-eds, website messaging, and much more.

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Website Design and Development

Your website is more than just a virtual address—it's the digital face of your brand. We seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, ensuring your website captivates visitors and propels business objectives.

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Digital Advertising

Visibility is the key to brand growth. We help you harness the power of the web to put your brand front and center through tailored digital advertising campaigns, reaching your audience where they spend the most time. Whether it is social media, influencers, or Google/PPC options, we will create a successful program for you.

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