Cast Influence Story

Leah and Justin started Cast Influence after seeing horrible customer support across agencies. Programs were built around what agencies offered and not what the customer needed. Cookie cutter retainers and services were and are still the norm. We set out to create a boutique agency that can bring executive level strategy and execution to the specific needs of clients. After all, your company is unique and has specific needs and variables.

It starts with listening and open collaboration to define your challenge and design the right solution. We dig in deep with your team and customers to build a custom strategy that delivers real results. We believe in transparency — every engagement has timelines, due dates, and deliverables — and we take great pleasure in formulating cutting edge strategies and ideas. Who is your target audience, what are they listening to, how can we reach them in new and interesting ways? In the age of Discord and TikTok, there are infinite ways to achieve your business goals.


years of experience

Our team combined has 60 years of Marketing and Public Relations experience. Providing you with knowledge unsurpassed by most agencies.



Our team includes around 10 experts across public relations and marketing teams. We are deliberate with who is a part of our team and it comes out in the results.

Started in 2017

Cast Influence was born out of the startup world by Leah Taylor and Justin Kraft. We saw a gap in what agencies offered to what they delivered including the integration of PR with marketing.


Won first awards2020

For the work we did for the publicly traded company OnDeck on an activation program, Cast Influence earned 2 Gold Fourteener Awards.


We begin expanding into new industries such as clean energy and sustainability2022

The continued growth of the company has led us to many new and exciting industries that are propelling society into the future.

6 Facts about Cast Influence

Every engagement is customized

Many agencies create cookie cutter proposals. Cast Influence spends the time to customized to fit your goals and outcomes. Your business is unique and your agency partners should adapt to you.

We only take on business when we have allocation

We believe you deserve attention and if we don't have enough team allocation to accomplish your goals we won't take on your project.

We fully integrate with your process

Every company has a way of managing and doing things. Whether it's the way you communicate or how you work together on documents. We have the ability to adapt to your process while maintaining our own internal methods.

You get CMO and CCO level service

60 plus years experience is hard to find. We have seen and adapted to the rapidly changing world of PR and marketing all to your benefit.

We are award winning

Whether it is activations or media wins, we have been recognized as one of the best. Winning awards such as the Fourteener Awards, is something we take pride in. Our goal is to make your engagement with us another award winning effort.

We don't bait and switch personnel

Too many agencies give a big presentation with high level team members only to allocate work to entry level talent. We don't do this and if team members change you will know about it. We only bring people with high experience for the crucial parts of your project.