Public Relations Strategy

Your company has specific strategic needs when it comes to communications. Utilizing the Cast Influence team, you will be given proactive and effective strategies to reach your objectives. You will have access to a wealth of knowledge spanning decades enabling your success. We have a proven holistic approach and a validated track record to augment your overall business strategy.

It's not just about getting media coverage; it's about ensuring that all communication (both internal and external) aligns with the organization's goals, mission, and long-term vision.

Our Approach

  1. Goal Oriented: At its core, strategic PR is about setting clear objectives. This could be enhancing brand reputation, positioning the brand or its leaders as industry experts, managing a crisis, or supporting a product launch.
  1. Research Driven: Before implementing any PR campaign, strategic PR professionals conduct research to understand the current perception of the brand, the needs of their target audience, the competitive landscape, and potential opportunities or threats in the external environment.
  1. Integrated Communication: Strategic PR ensures consistency in messaging across all communication channels, whether it's media relations, internal communications, social media, or investor relations.
  1. Stakeholder Engagement: We identify and engage with key stakeholders, from employees and customers to investors, media, and the general public. It's about building and nurturing relationships that are beneficial for both the organization and its stakeholders.
  1. Proactive and Reactive: While strategic PR involves planning and initiating communication campaigns, it also prepares organizations to respond to unforeseen events, like crises or negative publicity.
  2. Evaluation and Measurement:After implementing a PR campaign, its impact is measured against the set objectives. This can involve tracking media mentions, analyzing sentiment, measuring stakeholder engagement, and more.
  3. Agile Improvements: Based on the results of the evaluation, strategies are refined and adjusted. This ensures that PR efforts remain effective and aligned with the organization's evolving goals.