Press Release Drafting and Distribution

At Cast Influence, we recognize the enduring power of a well-crafted press release. Amidst the digital age's noise and information deluge, press releases remain a vital tool to communicate key messages, establish authority, and foster media relationships. Here's our dedicated approach to creating and distributing press releases that resonate:


  1. Client Collaboration: Every impactful press release begins with a deep understanding. We collaborate closely with you to extract the essence, significance, and nuances of the news or announcement you wish to share.
  2. Artful Drafting: Our team of adept writers, equipped with industry knowledge, crafts press releases that are not just factually impeccable but also engaging. Precision, clarity, and a compelling narrative are the pillars of our content.
  3. Review and Refinement: Ensuring accuracy and alignment with your brand's voice is crucial. Every draft undergoes rigorous reviews and is sent to you for feedback and approval, ensuring the final version is perfectly aligned with your vision.
  4. Strategic Targeting: A press release is only as effective as its reach. We've cultivated a vast network of journalists, bloggers, and media outlets. Leveraging this, we tailor our distribution to channels that align with your industry and target audience.
  5. Advanced Distribution Tools: To amplify reach and ensure timely delivery, we utilize the latest distribution platforms and tools. This ensures your press release gets prime visibility, both in traditional news outlets and across the digital landscape.
  6. Engagement Tracking: Post-distribution, we don't step back. We monitor the engagement levels of your press release, tracking pickups, mentions, and overall impact.
  7. Proactive Media Follow-Up: Beyond just sending out the release, we actively engage with journalists and media houses. By addressing inquiries, providing additional insights, or setting up interviews, we ensure your story gets the comprehensive coverage it merits.

Why Choose Cast Influence for Your Press Releases?

In an age where everyone has a story to tell, we ensure yours doesn't just get told but is heard, understood, and remembered. Our nuanced approach to press release drafting and distribution guarantees your brand stays center stage, right where it belongs.